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Growing Up Around Sports

Mike's live sports exposure with the Dodgers in beautiful Chavez Ravine, just like his dad, also a southern California native.

Having a birthday during opening week meant that spring and summer nights were spent sitting in traffic, hiking all the way to the upper levels of the stadium, and enjoying a classic Dodger dog with Dad and his brothers – Dad would eat the end that stuck out of the bun, Mike got the rest of it.

He and his brother had magnetic standings boards for all the major sports, and when traveling for work, Dad would bring home hats from all the cities he traveled to. When Mike also got the chance to move around the country and travel as part of his career, he carried a lot of this on, and picked up some new fan allegiances outside of LA: his Steelers at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, a love of hockey from the Midwest, and an appreciation for why the SEC “just means more” at Vanderbilt.

Catching the Bug

Now, Mike’s passion for live sports has extended to being a season ticket holder for the Preds for over 5 years and for Nashville Soccer Club as a 1779 Club member. He’s traveled internationally to see live events, and tailors his tourism around seeing every MLB stadium and getting to experience the local sports culture abroad.

Mike has slowly watched his personal jersey collection grow to the point that a key subject on game day is, “which jersey and what player will bring my team the best chance of a win at the game tonight?” At the same time, he’s witnessed the proliferation of fake and knock-off jerseys coming in from questionable internet sources, and wondered how we could let fans get access to as many player jersey combinations as possible, while protecting the revenue streams of licensed merchandise for the league, team, and players. 

Building the Idea for Jersey Exchange

Mike recognized an opportunity to capitalize on subscription services like Rent the Runway and box-of-the-month clubs by providing fans an opportunity to borrow and wear authentic-tier jerseys without having to pay the hefty retail prices. An entire closet of jerseys is expensive, risky, and in an economic recession, and even tougher pill to swallow. So, we've set out to build Jersey Exchange. Our mission is to provide authentic sports apparel for every fan of the game, without hefty retail prices.